AQRM Aleph

Usable, inspiring, powerful — re-inventing professional investment analytics system.

  • Client Aquarium Investments
  • Services Website / Web app / Mobile app
  • Year 2016
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  • Objective

    AQRM Investments looked for the ways to automate and enhance communications with their clients. A truly convenient and comprehensive analytics system should have given the company a competitive edge. We’ve been given the task to research, design and implement the solution that meets the goals.

  • Solution

    Building on the thorough and extensive insight of the AQRM Investments team we’ve designed a user interface that allows AQRM clients to navigate and scrutinize professional investment reports, emulate addition of various instruments to their portfolio, review portfolio performance and be notified on certain conditions — all within a simple, even playful user experience paradigm. Interacting with the system feels immersive and rewarding, something you don’t usually expect from the professional financial analytics system. We’ve built a sound system design that allowed automated data input from various data sources and seamless data integration. As a result the client is able to perceive his numerous investment assets in various currencies and locations as a single coherent portfolio.

  • Results

    The product increased the success of AQRM Investments’ customer relationship activities in overall client service, client satisfaction with the data delivery, and new clients’ introduction. The unique product design helped to dramatically differentiate AQRM Investments from the competition.

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The system’s architecture allows inputting data from various sources and integrating it into a normalized portfolio where the clients are able to perform risk analysis, performance evaluation, and emulation. AQRM Investments team are able to securely and conveniently manage all aspects of the solution.

An original user interface is the highlight of the product. It breaks the prevailing stereotype of the interface design driven by the data structure and offers the interface that targets user goals and provides data in the context of the user’s data model rather than system’s.

User interface design was based on thorough research and prototyping, which was effective and concise thanks to highly focused and elaborate AQRM Investment’s team inputs.