House at Khlebny

Fine-art watercolor illustrations, immersive content and advanced technological implementation for the architectural masterpiece in a high-profile Moscow neighborhood.

  • Client VTB Project
  • Services Website
  • Year 2017
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  • Objective

    To create a picturesque, immersive story, capable of conveying the depth of unique project’s attributes and igniting clients’ imagination, for the architectural masterpiece in a high-profile Moscow neighborhood redesigned into deluxe housing.

  • Solution

    Rich history, authentic design, and perfect location of the building just speak for themselves. Rather than exaggerating luxury and exclusivity to grotesque levels — a one way that all its competitor take — House at Klhebny required subtle, elegant and elaborate communication. A series of fine-art watercolor illustrations of the project’s highlights, immersive content and technologically advanced website did the work.

  • Results

    House at Khlebny proves that taking new roads and not following the communication stereotypes held dear in the industry pays a lot. Our work for the website resulted in a comprehensive brand for the building and helped positioning it effectively against the competition using just a few very subtle yet powerful and well-executed ideas.

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The history of the House at Khkebny reflects that of Russia. A high-profile residential building during the Imperial Russia, it hosted elite dwellers including British diplomat and spy Robert Lockhart who attempted to bribe the key armed group of the Bolshevik revolution to prevent them from taking part in the purge. During Soviet times the building hosted some of the communist high-profile figures connected to the power. Finally, it has been renovated into the commercial building of the highest standard in the new free Russia.

Navigating the apartment plans, is easily with a simple visual interface. Available and taken apartments are marked on the floor plans and the apartment plans are augmented with all the required information.