Find a balance in your life! Level Barvikha Residence offers a balanced living in a comfort of a city apartment surrounded by a natural landscape of Moscow region.

  • Client Master Stroy
  • Services Website / Branding / 3D / Print
  • Year 2015
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  • Objective

    Developing a complete communication system for a new residential project, an apartment building located in the area of Moscow’s suburbs that is usually associated with the villas and forest terrains. Our goal was to create a stunning name, trademark, 3D, website and print design.

  • Solution

    The building unites a city apartment’s convenience with surroundings of a summer house in a unique equilibrium, which leads us to develop the whole communication around the idea of a balance or a level. We’ve successfully implemented the concept in all media we worked with.

  • Results

    The brand and the website received much acclaim becoming recognized names both in the real estate and marketing industries.

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We've designed a complete brand framework of name, visual identity, promo material guidelines. Also, we developed a stylish print brochure, realistic visualization of the building and surroundings, and a stunning website.

The visual identity style guide allows a client to develop any required type of promo material efficiently and keeping it in the single visual framework.

The website further examines the concept of the balanced living using top-notch 3D renders, minimalistic approach to design and stunning UI animations.

Using a point-and-click tool, you may easily calculate a distance from LEVEL to any location.

You can also navigate a list and locations of the most important objects of social infrastructure situated in close proximity to the project.

The website looks perfect on any device, thanks to the cutting-edge responsive design and front-end implementation.

One of the website’s highlights is the interview we took with the project’s architect Yuri Grigoryan, the boss of the renowned Meganom Company, about peculiarities and advantages of the building and the location.