Morning Star

A complete solution for relaunching the popular TV contest in the digital era.

  • Client Morning Star
  • Services Website / Branding / Web app
  • Year 2016
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  • Objective

    Ubiquitous, convenient, and playful — that was our goal for relaunching the “Morning Star”, a popular TV contest in Russia during the 90ies, into the internet. Aimed towards the young talents and their parents, the contest should allow contributing videos and competing in various nominations. Both high-profile judges and the website users may take part in selecting the best.

  • Solution

    Developing a comprehensive solution required us to compe up with a powerful branding and promo materials, as well as developing robust contest mechanics and easy to use front-end, accessible on any device. The logo, the promo materials and the main website’s user interface — all breath energy, joy, celebration and friendship — the very qualities the client wanted to the product to evoke in the users. System design is based on a robust CDN platform that manages video hosting and delivery, while contest mechanics allow users to take part in the various competitions and vote for the videos they like.

  • Results

    The project became an immediate hit among the younger audience of the web and their parents in Russia. Anyone could have taken part for free, accessing the contest was easy, the process was fun and the whole solution highly entertaining and genuine.

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The product’s initials that are written into the star constitute the project’s trademark. The logo is perfectly suited to communicate the project’s attributes to the core audience, conveying the emotions of play, dynamism and simplicity.

The home page of the main website allows the visitors to review the latest submissions without having to navigate the inner pages.

A bold and colorful leader chart plays an important role in guiding the new contestants and motivating them to win.

The application process is easy and clear for anyone willing to take part and catch his morning start.

Colorful and fun illustrations based on the 3D objects contribute to the playful atmosphere.

The teaser website served for attracting the contestants before the release of the main website.

Both the teaser and the main websites work flawlessly on any device.

We supported the initiative by developing various print and promo materials to help in attracting partners.