New Moscow Book

Extensive research, infographics and illustration development for the newest Moscow’s neighborhood.

  • Client Moscow City
  • Services Print
  • Year 2016
  • Objective

    New Moscow, a colloquial name for the set of several regions that have been incorporated into the city limits five years ago, is rapidly developing. The territory hosts numerous urban, industrial and residential initiatives and requires a comprehensive study that city executives may use for promotional and informational purposes in various exhibitions and trade fairs the city participates at

  • Solution

    Developing book information architecture required from us compiling and studying an overwhelming amount of promotional and info material the city has developed over the years. Based on a thorough and extensive understanding of the material we’ve developed numerous infographics and illustrations that convey vast amount of information in a popular and visually appealing manner. From the stylized graphic charts, vector maps, to 3D-modeling — we’ve used almost any method to deliver the information in an exciting and simple-to-understand fashion.

  • Results

    Probably, the most ambitious and challenging project in regard to the volume and the quality of the content development we've ever undertook, the book received praised from the client, their partners and the real estate professional community.

The hardcover features embossing and comes with a minimalistic dust jacket decorated with the Moscow’s coat of arms.

The book starts with a message from the city mayor about the New Moscow’s history and plans.

We’ve designed an overwhelming amount of infographics and illustrations for the book. Despite the large volume each individual illustration has been carefully developed to create elaborated and fine look and feel for the material.

Hundreds of photos were researched, selected and edited for the book.

Overall there are 125 pages in the book.

On top of the photos and graphic illustrations, we produced extensive 3D renders specifically for the project.

The book was used by the city heads on numerous industrial events to convey information about New Moscow to investors and development partners in an exciting way.

We hope our small contribution is instrumental to further growth and development of New Moscow.