RDI. Group

A point that contains everything in itself is the brand core of the RDI Group. Their new website explores the idea and delivers content in line with this concept.

  • Client RDI. Group
  • Services Website
  • Year 2016
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  • Objective

    A holding company, RDI Group projects management and vision towards a suite of it’s businesses. Our goal was to represent the company’s brand, a dot that holds and projects outwards, the key principle in a dynamic and visually advanced way without loosing focus to a functional representation of the businesses.

  • Solution

    Following the idea of creating for the website a visual language based around on a circular form, we’ve come up with a spectacular dynamic illustration of the main dot’s interaction with the satellite businesses using WebGL. Additionally we’ve created a simple yet visually powerful website navigation device for the main menu as well as inner page menus.

  • Results

    The result was a diverse and original presentation for the company's brand coupled with advanced technological implementation. The website won numerous design awards.

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A dot that holds within and projects outwards the key principles is the brand core of the holding company RDI Group. Using WebGL we came up with advanced animation that represents the genesis of the RDI businesses from the singular key concept

RDI Group businesses are represented as projections of the main dot’s principle in the form of a ray. The suprematism-inspired visual consisting of the superimposed basic geometrical forms creates the main navigation menu.

The core of the RDI Group businesses, RDI Development’s projects have a beautiful representation on the website.

The superimposed ray and the circle become the main graphical device contributing to a cohesive and powerful visual language of the website.

The final thing — the website adapts gracefully to any device thanks to advanced responsive front-end implementation.