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We help startups and established companies develop innovative products and services

For established companies

We help established businesses to define opportunities for extending their existing operations and creating new products via digital channels. We will work closely with you to analyze your business processes and highlight the available possibilities. We will then help you shape and test new ideas with your customers through service prototyping, great interaction design, and a firm focus on driving your business forward. We will provide all of the required expertise to design and implement a fully-functional system and will always be on hand to offer timely and proactive support.

For startups

We have a proven approach to development and a wealth of design experience to streamline your project. We will help you to streamline your project by developing a great product that satisfies user needs without blowing your budget. We will design a stunning interface your users will adore for its simplicity and power and help you to make the right decisions on everything from your business strategy to your hosting platform. We have the knowhow and expertise to really get your product on track.

The value we would bring to your project:

Product design

We employ the renowned Goal Directed Design approach to product design that helps research, define, and development not only authentic and effective user interfaces but also functional product requirements. We believe that user experience is the driving force behind a product's success and that it dictates each and every product requirement.

Established design and development process

Disciplined and well-researched methodology is essential to ensure rapid product release and cost effectiveness. Over the years, we have elaborated our own approach that focuses on securing effective design and development. It is based on a number of proven frameworks, including Goal Directed Design, RUP, SCRUM and Lean, that we have customized and integrated in our products.

Expert team

Our team's expertise is key to our success and we are constantly developing new skills and training staff in the latest technologies to ensure our products comply with the world's highest professional standards. This means you have instant access to the top talent required to bring your project to fruition.

Passion and interest in your business and success

Our goal is to help you create a great product that moves and inspires your customers. Your project's success is the ultimate goal of our work and we will do all we can to achieve the desired end product.

Tradition of innovation

  • zMail

    zMail was a pioneering product that allowed internet users to send printed letters right from their web browser. To do so, the system interfaced with the Latvian Post digital printing centre and a popular bank to collect online payments. The project was ordered by the Latvian national telecom company, Lattelekom, as part of their research and development efforts to trial new online business concepts.

  • Oligarhs

    Long before social games became ubiquitous, we developed a full-scale online multiplayer strategy game called Oligarhs. The game allowed users to compete against each other by expanding their businesses, building residential and commercial property, taking rent and making profit. We built a proprietary gaming engine to be able to implement our ideas and designed superb graphics that included stunning pixel-design work by Anatoly Zenkov.

  • HiTask

    Try googling “task management” and the chances are you will see HiTask in the top three search results. HiTask is one of the most popular web task management applications in the world and owes its success to its great usability and power. We designed the initial product concept, UI, brand and marketing material, developed and maintained the product until we sold it to a new owner.

  • TezFM

    During the summer of 2009 we worked on the online product concept for TezTour, the largest tour operator in Eastern Europe. Our goal was to design an inspiring user experience for a website and avoid common travel website clichés. After thorough analysis we have come up with a fresh interaction model based on a casual search concept that literary allows the user to go with his mood. Most of the website's content is generated by the users and they can easily interact using social features.

  • GetWin

    To compete in the already crowded sports betting market, GetWin were looking for a set of unique qualities that might set their product apart from those of their rivals. Our suggestion was to focus attention on creating an original user experience that would offer a new level of usability and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty to the product. We contributed the user interface concept and design, system development and maintenance, as well as brand and promotional material design.

  • Meet the Orchestra

    To compete in the dense sports betting market GetWin was looking for unique qualities to differentiate the product from rivals. Our suggestion for the customer was to focus efforts on creating original user experience that would offer a new level of usability and increase customers' satisfaction and loyalty for the product. We have contributed the user interface concept and design, system development and maintenance, as well as brand and promo material design.


Boosting performance

We help your organization to focus on the core issues by automation and streamlining the processes.

Web Content Management Systems

Our flagship product SiteSupra is based on over 10 years of research and development in the CMS and web framework sphere and is a state of the art system both in terms of its technical features and usability. It enables your regular employees to perform very sophisticated technological tasks without any special skills or training and significantly reduces the time and cost usually associated with website support. We offer a wide range of out-of-the-box features and modules that can be configured and adapted to meet your individual requirements.

  • ABLV ABLV Corporate website 2012
  • British Airways British Airways Speedbird Club Trade Extranet for Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific 2003 - 2013
  • SEB SEB Corporate website Latvia 2012
  • Cabinet office of Republic of Latvia Cabinet office of Republic of Latvia Main website 2006
Customer references
“I am pleased to recommend Vide Infra Company, we have assigned to this Company already two projects and they was accomplished perfect – I like their organization of work, their initiative and support, and that they provide assistance after the project is completed. We are satisfied of particular service provided by Vide Infra Company and we will be glad to continue our cooperation in the future.”
ABLV Rolands Citajevs CIO, Member of the Board at ABLV Bank
“I am very satisfied with SiteSupra CMS capability and service we are receiving from Vide Infra. SiteSupra is user friendly and answers all our needs. It is flexible to change and add more functions, which is very important to us. I found working with Vide Infra team a great experience because of their ability to reach rapidly on support requests, and because of their outstanding attitude towards client satisfaction.”
British Airways Yael Katan e-commerce Executive, Eastern Europe East Mediterranean
“Vide Infra helped us swiftly transfer information from the old website to the new one with a completely different structure and based on a new CMS SiteSupra, providing a comfortable information management, updating, and new content and functionality introduction to the site. When broad built-in SiteSupra feature range wasn't sufficient to meet our requirements, professional Vide Infra team quickly developed the necessary add-on modules and integrated them into existing content management tool. We are truly pleased with this cooperation, which fully satisfied our needs and allowed us to create one of the best websites in Latvia.”
SEB Latvia Haralds Burkovskis PR Department Dircetor, SEB Latvia
“Both SiteSupra software and Vide Infra integration and support services allow us to meet the most demanding requirements concerning new functionality development and integration. We have been running three-languages, more than 4000 documents dynamic web solution built on SiteSupra content management system. SiteSupra proved to be reliable and efficient solution, facilitating us to maintain large amount of information in a convenient visual way.”
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Latvia Ilze Stengrevica

Head of the Information Department,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Latvia

Intranets, Corporate Portals

  • DnB NORD DnB NORD Group Intranet for all countries 2007
  • Svyazintek Svyazintek Corporate intranet 2008
  • ABLV IronForex Client portal 2010
  • ABLV ABLV Intranet 2010

Your success in the modern information economy depends on how effectively you can collect, process, and share your information. Our intranet product, SiteSupra Intranet, is designed to help you streamline information flow across your organization. It offers a suite of simple and effective tools that you can use right out of the box to make your company more organized, informed, and prepared for the everyday challenges of your business. Our pre-existing range of modules and rapid customization and development services will guarantee you an internet solution that is both cost-effective and quick to implement.

Customer references
“Working with Vide Infra was a true pleasure. With the help of Anton and his team of professionals we managed to go live with the first version of our intranet pages within weeks. Vide Infra understood exactly what we wanted and helped us make the right decisions regarding set-up, lay-out and structure. Our success was largely dependent on their involvement and commitment.”
DnB NORD Group John Taman CTO, DnB NORD Group
“We were very satisfied with Vide Infra's ability to analyze our organization's needs and develop a complex Intranet solution that helped us outline business processes, inform about policy changes and provide a platform for employee introduction and information exchange. Vide Infra's team managed to come up with fresh technological and functional ideas that made our corporate portal an essential tool for improving quality and reach of corporate communication.”
Svyazintek Alexey Obidin General Manager Svyazintek

Custom Apps

  • We help companies improve their operational efficiency and cut costs by bringing employee-heavy paper-based workflows online with custom-made business process management (BPM) and automation solutions.

  • GE Money GE Money Loan Origination System 2007
  • British Airways British Airways Loyalty Program LIFT 2007
  • GE Money GE Money Pension Fund Management System 2010
Customer references
“I've been working with Vide Infra on a couple of mission-critical web-based systems for GE Money. The company showed high level of skill on all project phases starting with research, development, UI to QA and support. It was a pleasure to work with team as they showed true interest in quality and effectiveness of the solution, something you would expect from a mature western development company.”
GE Money Bank Jorgen Jarve CIO, GE Money Bank
“Vide Infra was very amenable to several last minute change and new requirements and worked diligently to ensure these could be incorporated before the launch. While we did have some server, email, process complications after launch, as happens with most new programs, Vide Infra was very responsive to our feedback and worked quickly to resolve any outstanding issues. Overall, we were very pleased with the work provided and we would gladly recommend them for future work inside or outside the company.”
British Airways USA Donna Morton Trade Marketing, British Airways USA


We work with zero-bug attitude and secure the quality at every project stage using total quality management approach. Starting with the business analysis, through functional specification development, implementation, testing, to release we thoroughly control the risks and quality of the product you receive.

Sharp business analysis skill allow us to get insight into the customer's operations fast and to the point. Ten year experience in the industry earned us the best knowledge in approaching software development. We use RUP, Agile or Waterfall approaches depending on what is more appropriate for the project and your preferences. We produce standard compliant documentation and have experience working with customers running multicultural distributed IT teams.

We work with zero-bug attitude and secure the quality at every project stage using total quality management approach. Starting with the business analysis, through functional specification development, implementation, testing, to release we thoroughly control the risks and quality of the product you receive.