Celebrating a 10-year

partnership with

We started working for BA Baltic and its East European branches in 2000, but it wasn't until 2003 when our skill and dedication to the highest quality standards gained the recognition of BA global team. We were given the approval to provide services to BA offices around the world and since then have built marketing websites and web apps for the company everywhere from the USA to Japan. Here's a short overview of our work.

Speedbird club

Version 1

Speedbird club helps BA to work with travel agencies in Europe, Latin America, and Asia- Pacific regions. This is the main communication channel for info, news and updates on BA products for travel agencies. Our goal for the project was to ensure fast and easy access to product information, content personalization, very sophisticated content access and distribution rights in the CMS, bulk email distribution engine, development and hosting. Speedbirdclub is the largest project we've built for BA. It's being used in over 90 countries by over 150,000 users and updated by more than 100 administrators.

Preferred Sales Agent Microsite

The BA Preferred Sales Agents Microsite allows BA Account Managers to maintain highly- segmented and personalized promotional campaigns directed towards travel agencies in the USA and Canada.

World Cargo
Surf's Up promo

British Airways World Cargo launched an online competition for its client transportation companies in Europe to promote sales during the 2005 summer season.

World Cargo
Magic of Flying Competition

BA Magic of Flying Competition is a promotional website for Africa, where participants upload photos to win prizes and gifts. The website concept and Flash elements were developed by TMW, London.

Partner Centre

The BA Partner Centre helps BA to communicate special personalized offers and news to core corporate accounts in the USA.

World Cargo
Online Schedule

British Airways World Cargo Online Schedule allows users to get information quickly and easily about the BAWC service timetable across several BAWC products.


World Cargo
LIFT programme

LIFT - worldwide promotional programme for expedition and transportation companies. We've developed system back-end that integrates with Amadeus GDD and numerous BA web systems.


World Cargo eNews

Online newsletter solution for the UK Travel Trade website - a system BA uses to communicate with travel agencies in the UK.


Speedbird Club
"Find a Word" game

British Airways World Cargo eNews is a global Newsletter solution for BAWC customers. The website offers BA a highly-personalized and segmented email distribution system, plus a sign-up and archive for end-users.


BA Academy
Learning and motivation system

BA product learning game for Speedbird club users. We've contributed both the idea for the product and full implementation.