State of the art private banking

Baltic International Bank

Design concept


BIB offers exclusive private banking services for affluent clients. These services are highly tailored to suit the specific business and personal needs of individual clients and seek to be as discreet and non-invasive as possible. A visual parallel might be drawn with the modern architectural style that seeks to merge into its natural environment, with form pursuing only functional goals.
  • Simple,
  • Modern, progressive
  • Straight
  • Highlighting context

Unique customer experience

BIB services are delivered with attention to the tiniest detail, a strong commitment to customer convenience, and with a certain air of class. This creates a unique customer experience that transcends the expected level of service and leaves clients feeling truly special.

  • Detailed
  • Traditional
  • Decorative
  • Arty, elegant, soft
  • Providing context


The creative concept for the website is based on juxtaposing a minimalist design that symbolizes the functionality of banking services with finely-crafted original illustrations that convey the attention to detail and serious attitude visible in BIB's work.

Rich illustrations

To convey the idea of “state of the art banking” we created a set of stunning illustrations that required the same level of attention to detail and care that BIB staff put into their work.

Bank showcase presentation


Functional items

Investor profiler

Using the investor profiler website, visitors can find out about investment strategies that best suit their needs and request a consultation from a BIB private banker.

Payment cards and concierge services

The payment card range is interactive and shows information on card types and associated services, such as Concierge.

Latvia presentation

Many customers are from overseas and providing information about Latvia is important for BIB.

Bank tour video

We filmed a short video about the BIB office building situated in the heart of old Riga and decorated in the traditional English style.