Website for the Federation Tower Moscow’s latest landmark


Creative concept

The Federation Tower is one of the Moscow’s iconic buildings. Conceived as the tallest building in Europe it continues to be the most innovative and secure skyscraper in Moscow thanks to mind-blowing architectural design and futuristic technological equipment. Acquiring an apartment or heaving an office in the building is considered the peak among locals. The creative concept we have come up with builds on the idea of reaching your peak. The navigation on the landing page is going from down to the top – the Tower elevates you up to the new and untapped limits of life and business.


Vivid imagery presented with a clever animation is the basis of the visual design. The landing page features well-crafted parallax presentation of each of the “peaks” the building helps you to achieve while inner pages offer various slideshows and interactive elements that make user experience outstanding.

3D & visualisation

Our trademark photorealistic visualization is one of the pinnacles of the website. Depicting advanced technological details of the building’s construction would be impossible without high-quality technical modeling and rendering our 3D team has accomplished. Check out the Quality section for technical insight visualization, Buy or Rent for an overwhelming floor change navigation, and Location sections for the upfront 3D output we produced. The Location section features a render of the City completed in 3D and integrated into photo panorama we have shot with the multicopter.

Video & Photo

The Federation Tower is a miniature city that hosts everything that city needs: cafes, business centers, various services, the highest sport club in Europe, and one of the Moscow’s best restaurants. The interior decoration, various premises and a stunning view on Moscow create a perfect ground for shooting beautiful photos and videos.


Over course of a few days our team accompanied by a prominent Moscow photographer Vlad Mukhin have filmed a stunning material we have used to create a couple of promo videos and photo illustrations for the website. Vlad’s input was instrumental for creating atmospheric time-lapse videos and beautiful photos. One of the advanced tasks was filming a panorama of the Moscow’s City using a multicopter we have launched from the building’s roof. The resulting interactive panorama augmented with a 3D render of the City could be found in the Location section of the site.

Mobile & tablet

To support mobile device users we have crafted special light versions of the site. Smartphone and tablet computer users can enjoy swift yet functional website renderings that deliver the same stunning qualities of the main website in an optimized package.