A full-service logistics company

with a personal approach

ITECO is one of the largest full-service logistics companies in Russia. We were assigned the ambitious task of helping ITECO transform its website into a single effective marketing communications channel and to support its rapid brand development as the company sought to become the leading logistics operator in Eastern Europe.

website visualization copy photo video Flash development

Website concept

After working closely with the ITECO management team on business and marketing strategy analysis, we drafted a comprehensive communications strategy concept that aimed to establish the ITECO brand as well-organized, modern, tech-savvy yet highly spirited and grounded in the personal approach of its staff.


Presenting the company's trade-mark personal approach is impossible without visually emphasizing the dedication and friendliness of its staff. We conducted a photo shoot at the Nizhny Novgorod head office to capture the team in action.


The overall design style was kept formal to convey the sense of discipline and organization while the content was rich in images and graphics to highlight the enjoyable experience customers have when interacting with ITECO.


High quality copy is essential for creating a great design and website. We personally wrote all of the website copy for the project and hope you enjoy it the way we did.

Interactive diagrams and graphics


ITECO's huge logistics complex located in Nizhny Novgorod offers businesses a range of key advantages, which cannot be provided by competitors from the over-populated city of Moscow. To convey this message in the most effective way, we created visuals not only for the complex itself but also for Nizhny Novgorod to expose the unique geographical features of the latter as a natural transportation hub. In contrast, we depicted Moscow as the overcrowded busy city that it is.


We used Flash to create a rich presentation for the logistics complex and allow smooth zooming on the ITECO map showing the company's widely-distributed network of branches.


The website offers a number of clear and functional tools to help ITECO personnel maintain the website. These tools also provide customers with information and even the opportunity to order certain ITECO products and services online.

Truck parts catalogue

In addition to a wide network of brick and mortar spare parts shops ITECO maintains through out the main regions of operations its customers now can swiftly obtain missing parts through the online catalogue.

ITECO equipment shop

Connecting some of the most remote locations in Russia and beyond, and always offering a fair price ITECO helps both customers and contractors by sharing what the fair price should really.

Tariff calculator

If you are near Nizhny Novgorod and searching for a truck in a good condition try ITECO equipment shop to obtain one.


ITECO's own fleet numbers over 350 trucks but even this large transportation base is not enough to maintain the quality of service that is associated with the company. ITECO has access to tens of thousands of highly-skilled contractors and is constantly attracting new resources. To help the company promote its employment opportunities, we filmed real truck drivers sharing their positive experiences of working with ITECO.

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