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Name and trademark

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Website design

LEVEL website brings another level of depth to the project’s marketing communications by offering an interactive exploration of the balance concept along with the functional content’s delivery. Everything on the website serves this this concept in an original, immersive and creative way. Cutting-edge responsive implementation allows the website to work seamlessly on mobile devices.

Intro video

Nature and technologies

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Yuri Grigoryan is architect and you are designer

Primevalness and infrastructure

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Floor plans


3D visualizations

Conveying the right emotions and creating immersive atmosphere would be impossible without our trademark highly realistic visualizations. From stunning promo video to superb interior visualizations, to amazing 3D apartment picker – everything involves top-grade visualizations.

interview with the architect

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Communication concept

Find a balance in your life! Level Barvikha Residence offers a balanced living in a comfort of a city apartment surrounded by a natural landscape of Moscow region. Creative concept we came up with for the project is based on exploring and exposing this balance through out all communications: the name, the trademark, the website – everything speaks balance.

The interview with the project’s architect, famous Russian master Yuri Grigoryan, is one of the website’s highlights.

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