The best way for kids to learn about

musical instruments

on iPad and iPhone

“..A lot of attention went into its eye-pleasing graphics and it is also easy for children to navigate — my 4-year-old mastered it swiftly... You'll probably enjoy it too.”

If you want to teach your children about the different musical instruments that make up an orchestra “Meet the Orchestra” is probably the best choice. An easy to understand and beautifully designed game that will capture your child's imagination and teach him or her how musical instruments sound and look.

The Young Person's Guide to the (Smartphone) Orchestra

Slick instrument design

To make the instruments look appealing for the very young we've made them especially glossy and shiny!

Dead-simple user interface

No effort is required to use the app, it's straight forward.


On top of the learning part of the app there are a few quizzes everyone can use to test his skill in identifying the instruments by sound and appearance.

Great music

Well, a classical music app couldn't be complete without the music! The classical pieces you would hear in the app have been professionally selected and played by the members of the Latvian National Symphonic Orchestra in a high-end studio to secure the best musical and sonic experience for the users.

Works on iPhone too

Originally released as iPad app the Meet the Orchestra now available for the iPhone too.

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