Website for the leading Latvian Logistics company

Panway is an international 4PL logistics company which offers a full range of services for the manufacturing, financing, transportation and storage of goods.

Isometric illustrations

Panway helps its clients over the full value chain of producing and transporting goods. To depict the chain we have created a set of original and beautiful isometric illustrations that show every link in the chain in graphic, creative way.

Web design

The Panway services are about speed, order and direction. To convey those concepts to the website visitor we have created a beautifully designed slider for the landing page, which serves as a metaphor for dynamic multi-dimensional sequence - a very much what Panway does.

The rest of the website section pages are carefully designed to enhance user interaction experience with the website.

Video Animation

To illustrate three customer stories in which Panway helped companies of different sizes and profiles to significantly improve their business we have crafted original plots and designed and animated beautiful graphics. Together with professional voice-over the final result is a perfect sales tool for Panway - a lot of information is easily digested thanks to exciting and thought-through videos.

Reduction of expenses for big companies Business growth through logistics Logistics outsourcing for small companies