Trademark and
website design for RCT

one of Russia's
Top50 law firms

RCT is one of the leading law firms in Russia specialising in anti-crisis management, bankruptcy issues and the optimisation of business processes. Our goal was to help this rapidly growing company to develop stronger communication tools to renew and reinforce its brand image as a successful leader in the legal sector.

According to ratings in 2012, RCT became one of Russia’s top 50 leading companies in terms of overall revenue.

Cyrillic typeface

Latin typeface

Business cards



We designed a trademark to underline the firm’s dynamism and energy. The tone of the trademark remained formal yet advanced and modern. The elements of the trademark’s graphical component allude to notions of reshaping, reformation, prospect in a seemingly two-dimensional situation, and a shield – all of which is closely associated with the RCT brand and services.

Copywriting and company presentation

Seeking comprehensive insights into our client’s brand, business and services is always the key to developing engaging copy and an effective presentational approach.

Website Design

Color spectrum

To support the trademark and brand, the website’s design was executed in limited contrasting colours representing energy and focus. The landing page hosts a company presentation that was specially designed for the website. RCT’s staff represent the heart of the company and the team presentation is one of the highlights of the site.





High-quality photographs of the team were taken especially for the website.