Trademark and
website design for

SkinJay is a category defining innovation - a shower capsule that delivers organic skin care products directly into your shower stream & onto your body. We have designed a trademark and the website for the company.


SkinJay logo speaks for itself - this is a J with a pealing skin, thus the Skin Jay. The logo trademark resonates with SkinJay values and is easily recognizable.


SkinJay website has gained significant appraisal from web design aficionados because of its clever parallax design, responsive layout that transforms seamlessly to match your device's screen resolution, and generally compelling visual design that conveys elegance and beauty tone of the brand.

Based in Paris, France - Skinjay was founded in 2012 by entrepreneur Nicolas Pasquier to create strong different innovative products. Skinjay first conceived, patented and developed the shower Mixer & capsules and introduced it on the market in 2013.