Brochure for Uzhnaya Dolina, RDI, Moscow

дом как

Uzhnoya Dolina is a large residential village adjacent to Moscow. The village hosts different types of residential buildings ranging from private villas to multi-apartment houses. But they all share similar idea, a design to make life of Uzhnoya Dolina inhabitants vibrant.

Kehith Haring Hmeart

Mark Rothko
Orange, Red, Yellow

When creating a promo brochure for the village we've browsed onto idea of presenting different types of realty as well as different village acepcts through vibrant and dynamic modern art.

We have carefully created allusions to seminal works of modern art in illustrations for the brochure, each taking its place in correct context and using the energy encoded into work for presenting the village essence. The resulting brochure won't leave your heart and mind indifferent.

Andy Warhol Flowers

Wassily Kandinsky Composition 8

Antdy Warhol Marilyn

Alexander Calder Double Gong

Damian Hirst Ellipticine

Pablo Picasso
Nude, Green Leaves and Bust